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Our Services:
Property Inspection Services

Investors, bankers, leasing agents, and lenders all rely on ACPM to perform objective, unbiased commercial building inspections for office, retail, industrial, and multi-family properties. ACPM provides detailed, professional commercial property inspections that allow our clients to make informed decisions:
• Pre-Purchase
• Preconstruction
• Pre- and Post-Lease
• Annual Maintenance Inspections (Comprehensive or Specific Systems)
We tailor commercial property condition assessments to individual client requirements. In general, we perform detailed inspections of the building’s structure, major systems, and grounds, photographing the exterior and interior of property, as well as the surrounding area. Once our inspection is complete, we submit a narrative report regarding our findings about the property’s condition, along with notification of any significant repairs needed and clear color photographs of the property.

In addition, some clients request that we perform annual property inspections on commercial properties they own or are invested in. For these clients, we provide all standard inspection services, as well as make useful comparisons of property conditions from year to year and tenants in place to existing rent rolls, as well as document changes in the surrounding area.

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