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Our Services:
Professional Accounting

Cost Controls
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Financial Reports
Rent Rolls
Owner/Investor Reporting
Accurate Data Analysis and Open Communication

We guarantee that you’ll be kept up to date on the operation of your property with prompt and accurate financial statements. In addition to employing intelligent accounting reporting techniques, we seek to maintain open lines of communication with our clients. Furthermore, our specialized chart of accounts gives us the ability to thoroughly analyze each property and make valuable comparisons to other properties within our portfolio. So you’ll get important information about your property within the context of your market, region, or facility type.

Yardi Voyager™ Web-Based Enterprise Management

We use the respected web-based enterprise management system Yardi Voyager™, which centralizes commercial property management functionalities and accounting software tools into one database. From basic rent rolls to advanced tenant and property analytics, Yardi Voyager™ allows us to create both standard and customized up-to-the-minute reports at the click of a button.

professional accounting services for tenants

Customized, Comprehensive Reporting

As with all tools, Yardi Voyager™ is only as good as the input it receives. Because our property management personnel are on-site no less than once a week at the properties we manage, we really know our clients and their properties. We ensure a personalized owner/investor management relationship by using comprehensive routine reporting techniques specifically designed to the owners’ needs.

Among other things, typical monthly reports include:

Executive summary of the month’s activity (marketing, collections, budget variances, capital improvements)
Balance Sheet
Operating Statement
General Ledger
Receivables Report
Cash Disbursement Detail
Source and Use Statement
Rent Roll
Bank Reconciliation

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